Succulent Party

I’m crossing #11 off my summer bucket list because I hosted my first party at my little cottage!  I had some girlfriends over for a succulent planting party and it was a huge success.

A special thanks to my Dad for building us the frame planters – they turned out much better than anything we could have bought at a store.

I went to work on the invitations (I found the succulent stamps on this Etsy shop)

…and also made succulent care instruction cards for everyone to take home with their planted frames.

I had so much fun preparing for the day!  I made my enchiladas and (of course) set up a margarita station.

I set up a table on the patio and we enjoyed Mexican food fare.

After a few good margaritas we finally decided to plant our frames.  I set up a big work station so we could all work together.

It turned out great – I really love it.

Find the how-to instructions for a DIY succulent frame on Cheryl’s blog… she took plenty of pictures!

Thanks for coming, girls… I had SO much fun!  I hope this is just the beginning of our project parties!! :)

Click Happy

I’m spending a crazy Saturday night in Vegas… trolling the internet while Brent is at work.  Here are some goodies – get click happy.

This adorable video made me smile.
This inspires me to finally do something with that empty wall in my kitchen.
I must have these. and these. and these.
Saw this movie today – loved it!
Oh, how I dream of having a garden like this some day.
Love little vases.
Green letterpress stationery.
Good to know info for dog owners.
Possible recipe for my birthday cake?
A perfect treasure… a girl can dream, right? Love this one, too.  They just don’t make jewelry like they used to!

Summer 2012 Bucket List

Last summer, my first summer in California, I worked waaaay too much and didn’t enjoy the gorgeous weather and laid back atmosphere of Santa Cruz nearly enough.  This year I plan to correct that… especially since my bestie Cheryl lives here now!

1. Birthday at the Boardwalk - I’m turning 27, but I’d like to spend it more like I’m turning 7.
Sub-category bucket list for the Boardwalk:
- Eat cotton candy
- Ride the Giant Dipper at least 5 times
- Laser Tag
- Beat Brent at Skeeball
- Lunch on the beach
- Get soaked on the log ride
- Avoid getting a sun burn

2. Read at least 6 books – I’ve got to put a dent in the collection I have piling up at home.

3. Try a new recipe once every week (and add to my recipe scrapbook)

4. Go camping in Big Sur - the more friends that join, the better!

5. Take a road trip – I’d like to explore the northern coast of California

6. Go wine tasting – It’s really a crime that I haven’t done this yet

7. Attend a concert – I already have this one planned… Outsidelands 2012!  :)

8. Visit the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History - I’d love to see the All You Need Is Love exhibit

9. Visit the Land of Medicine Buddha - particularly to learn the art of meditation

10. Master at least 1 song on my ukulele – playing and singing at the same time… this really hurts my head.

11. Host an outdoor party at my cottage – already planned a succulent frame planting party!

12. Create a new chocolate candy recipe

13. Visit all of the nearby California missions

14. Go out dancing

15. Paint a picture

Found: The Farm Bakery Cafe

My friend Olive introduced me to The Farm Bakery Cafe in Aptos – a perfect little lunch spot filled with fresh soups, sandwiches, baked goods, and a gift shop packed with all sorts of goodies.

The general atmosphere is a clean, sunny building filled with tables in colorful tablecloths and fresh flowers.

I always order the club:

My favorite part is (of course) all of the treasures in the gift shop.

Love this little place!

Boo Bear

Boo Bear was the first cat I adopted on my own as an adult.  He’s proof positive that I cannot be trusted to visit any sort of animal shelter without bringing someone home.  I think it was about 8 years ago that I was out the pound with my mom because she was looking to adopt a dog, and I heard a sad wail distinct from all of the rest.  I looked to my left, and there was a sad, eye-and-nose-infected cat with his long arm reaching out of the cage towards me.  Instant tears… I knew I wasn’t leaving there without him.

I have no shame in my crazy cat lady love for this fur ball – he’s my soulmate kitty.

He’s like velcro to my side, always ready to curl up next to me and induce a good nap. He lets me dress him up – he knows he looks good in anything…

He loves the holidays…

He lives a very active lifestyle…

He’s very affectionate…

He’s just Boo.

Please, please adopt a full grown cat if you can.  They need a warm and loving home just as much little kittens.  I think adult cats bond to their owners even more so than adopted kittens. I swear Boo knows I rescued him – just look at that face!